Process Manual for


an Intervention for People Living with Mild to Moderate Dementia Using Telehealth

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About​ the Publication:

Process Manual for VIRTUAL BRAINS IN ACTION  an Intervention for People Living with Mild to Moderate Dementia Using Telehealth

An effective, easy to follow manual that will assist you to implement a new virtual programme for your clients, with activity ideas and lots of tips and tricks for the facilitator. The manual covers the complete programme from the assessment process all the way to facilitating the session. 

Virtual Brains In Action is based on the well researched intervention Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and any facilitator with experience in CST can use the manual and implement the treatment in virtual form.


Out of a challenging global pandemic grew a programme that can be beneficial in lots of different ways for people living with mild to moderate dementia. My innovative Telehealth approach can also be used to engage with clients who live remotely and have difficulty accessing services or with individuals, clients who are more comfortable with a one-on-one approach.   


Contents of the Manual:

The Therapy Virtual Brains In Action is Based on

Benefits and Challenges of VBIA

Role of the Facilitator and Co-Facilitator

Frequency of a VBIA Session

Evaluating a VBIA Session

Important Things to Consider Before You Start VBIA: Initial Contact and Assessment; Consent, Privacy and Confidentiality; Information for the Client/Carer; Setting up Devices; Practice Session

Planning a VBIA Group Session: Starting your VBIA Session on Zoom

Screen Sharing Function in Zoom; Whiteboard Function; iPhone/iPad Function

Slide show Presentation; Checklist for the VBIA Session

Useful Controls for the Facilitator and Co-Facilitator: Mute; Chat; Rename Participants; Annotate

Practical Tips and Tricks: Clients/Carers Joining the Zoom Meeting

Activity Ideas

Different Devices and their Suitability for the VBIA Intervention

How the Findings of VBIA Can Benefit Other Programmes and Treatment Options for Clients Using Telehealth Interventions

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting

Send Zoom Invite via Email to Participants/Carers

An Example of a Slide Show for a VBIA Group